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Agents for Digital Transformation.

Our vision is to support Indian AECO-Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation organizations in Digital Transformation.

Our mission is to handhold AECO organizations in Digital transformation journey by developing Organizational & project’s digital transformation strategies, support in up-skilling the organizational staff in BIM and digital engineering, BIM Implantations in AECO organizations and perform BIM audits and support organization in ISO BIM certifications. 

Our strategy is to foster a working environment of open collaboration among the BIM troop, deliver BIM training and Implementations. Assist in any way possible to produce tangible working methodologies to establish organizational & project BIM implementation strategies. 

We plan to implement our strategy by achieving the following Operational Goals: BIMCrew will handhold AECO Organizations in Digital transformation journey; Manpower supply for BIM projects; Support AECO organizations in audits and getting ISO BIM certified; We will work towards developing technology, management and strategy BIM courses; host workshops/seminars and corporate trainings for the India AECO organizations to reach the current market demands.

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