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Services to AECO Organizations

  • Serve as Project Management Consultants and hand-holding for client and contractor organizations in successful delivery of BIM Projects.

  • BIM professionals skills and competencies assessments and providing one-on-one training with respect to their BIM job roles.

  • BIM Implantation / Digital transformation services to Client, Design, Contractor, Sub-contractor, Maintenance organizations.

  • Maturity assessments of owner, Design, Contractor, facilities maintenance organizations in BIM and Digital Engineering.

  • Assistance in Corporate collaborations to successfully deliver Integrated BIM Projects.

  • Project Staffing for BIM Projects and support in recruiting BIM stakeholders.

  • Corporate trainings on BIM Applications (BIM Uses) and Digitalization.

  • Performance assessments and monitoring of BIM Projects.

  • Develop BIM Execution Plan that focus on BIM Uses.

  • Establishing project strategies for BIM projects.

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